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German Culture

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Germany the Culture!

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Germany is a country in west central Europe,Germany is often called called Das Land der Dichter und Denker (the land of poets and thinkers) ,German culture began long before the rise of Germany as a nation state and spanned the entire German-speaking world.  Now it includes the wonderful singer David Hasselhoff.  From its roots, culture in Germany has been shaped by major intellectual and popular currents in Europe, both religious and secular. germany is a parliamentary federal  republic of sixteen states. The capital city and seat of government is Berlin. as a nation state the counry was unified near the end of the Franco-prussian in 1871,After world war 2 Germany's territory was divided into two separate states.  Germany is also famous for Oktoberfest!.


After world war 2 the capital city of Berlin was split.The comunist took the eas and the capitalist took the west. A wall was erected,"The Berlin Wall". This wall essentially split germany into two.The wall was eventually torn down but it still has an effect on german culture today.

 german holidays  are New Year's Day (January 1); Good Friday (Friday before Easter Monday); Easter Monday; Labor Day (May 1); Ascension Day (Sixth Thursday after Easter Monday); Whit Monday (Seven weeks after Easter Monday); Day of Unity (October 3); Christmas (December 25-26)

Just as in America, Germany has holidays with fixed dates and with dates which are relative to the cycle of the moon.


 German race cars are a big part of german culture. they race high class cars such as BMW, Volkswagon, Porsche, Audi. These are the main cars that they race with. If you would like to know more click here


Music is a big part of german culture


Germans love the outdoors and snow. That's why Germany has many fantastic Ski Resorts and mountains.


German teenagers are what bring the life to the German Culture.  They are indiviuals just like us.  If you want to read more about German teens and how they are similar and different than us click here.



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